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Adams, Amanda S. and Willner, Jeffrey and Jackson, Pamela and Pierce, Thomas W. (2013) The Effects OF NMDA Antagonists On Latent Inhibition via Chronic Administration of MK-801. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Asbee, Justin M. and Hayes, Dayna and Jackson, Pamela and Redmond, Sarah (2016) Ethanol but not Nicotine Administration during Adolescence Leads to Alterations in Neurogenesis in the Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus During Protracted Abstinence. Masters thesis, Radford.


Barbir, Lara. A and Hastings, Sarah L. and Cohn, Tracy and Pierce, Thomas W. (2017) Posttraumatic Growth in Combat Veterans: The Roles of Mindfulness and Experiential Avoidance. [Dissertation]

Barfield, Stirling M. (2015) Resilient Kids South Africa: A Child’s View. [Dissertation] (Unpublished)

Bien-Aime, Carline and Hayes, Dayna and Caughron, Joyce E. and Pierce, Thomas W. (2020) Effects of Alcohol and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation on Corticotropin-Releasing Factor. Masters thesis, Radford University.


Bradley, Joshua Michael (2011) Understanding Social Advocacy through the Views of Mental Health Practitioners:Practical Issues Related to Social Advocacy in Small Communities. [Dissertation] (Unpublished)

Bullock, Victor and Leake, Valerie and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Biermeier-Hanson, Benjamin (2020) CAREER-RELATED DECISION-MAKING DIFFICULTY AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS AMONG STUDENT SERVICE MEMBERS/VETERANS. [Dissertation]

Burkhart, Jeremiah W. and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Lee, Nicholas A. and Pierce, Thomas W. (2019) Assessment of Microskills Training for Lay Counselors in Rural Christian Congregations. [Dissertation]

Busick, Cortney (2021) Do debt collectors pay a price? Consequences of surface acting. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Buynack, Lauren and Willner, Jeffrey (2020) EFFECTS OF BDNF ANTAGONIST ANA-12 ON RATS’ USE OF SPATIAL LEARNING STRATEGIES. Masters thesis, Radford University.



Carle, Brian (2015) The Reminiscence Bump on the Lifeline: A Graphical Depiction of Personal Identity in Autobiographical Memory. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Casazza, Stephen P. and Cohn, Tracy and Tsai, Pei-Chun and Steele, Jenessa (2018) Examining the Relationship between the Function of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) and Motivation to Stop NSSI in Emerging Adulthood. [Dissertation]

Castello, William J. (2020) Indelible Memory: Data Dissemination Designed to Optimize Memory. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Chandel, Shanya (2022) Effect of Race-Occupation Fit and Leadership Prototypes on Leadership Perceptions of Minorities in Leadership Positions. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Chappell, Amanda N. and Steele, Jenessa and Aspelmeier, Jeffery and Iannone, Nicole (2019) EXPLORING AGE DIFFERENCES IN RESPONSES TO DISRESPECT AMONG YOUNG AND OLDER ADULTS. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Cordial, Paige (2013) A Qualitative Exploration of the Effects of Mountaintop Removal on the Wellness of Central Appalachians Living Near Surface Mines. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Cottrell, Elizabeth and Cohn, Tracy and Tsai, Pei-Chun and Steele, Jenessa (2021) The Relationship Between Sexual Identity, Behavior, and Attitude Congruence and Psychological Well-Being. [Dissertation]

Cox, Amory C. (2013) Investigating the Role of Age and Empathy in Preschoolers Likelihood to Help an Older Adult. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Curry, Michael and Jackson, Pamela and Willner, Jeffrey and Aspelmeier, Jeffery (2013) The Long-term Effect of Developmental Exposure to Cannabinoids During Lactation on Psychopathology. Masters thesis, Radford University.


Diaz, Salena (2020) Racial Identification in Biracial Individuals Following an Out of the Loop Experience. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Dougherty, Sammi (2020) Sacred Messages of the Earth. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Doughtie, Kara (2022) Mindfulness and Faith Development in the Relationship Between Religious Doubt and Mental Health. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Dunsmore, Victoria and Steele, Jenessa and Lee, Nicholas A. and Hastings, Sarah L. and Aspelmeier, Jeffery (2018) Does Perceived Empathy Impact the Role of Gender Bias in Physician Choice for Women's Health? Masters thesis, Radford University.


Evans, Ian K. and Lee, Nicholas A. and Tsai, Pei-Chun and Hayes, Dayna (2019) Perceived Social Support as a Proposed Mediator of the Relationship Between Dispositional Optimism and Suicide Ideation. [Dissertation]


Faires, Alyson and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Tsai, Pei-Chun and Aspelmeier, Jeffery (2021) The Impact of Poly-Strengths Following Adversity: Assessing Resilience Portfolios of College Students. [Dissertation]

Feeney, Michael E (2015) Approaching Health: Does an Abstract Mindset Promote Positive Risk? Masters thesis, Radford University.

Flood, Grace and Pierce, Thomas W. (2016) ANTICIPATING FUTURE EVENTS: DESCRIBING THE FUTURE IN RELATION TO REMINISCENCE THEORY. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Formica, Anastasia M and Hayes, Dayna (2016) Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Rats: Gender and Strain Differences. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Frank, Kelsey M. (2020) Resilience-Related Assets Moderate the Effects of Childhood Polyvictimization on Substance Use. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Frum, Philip C. and Pierce, Thomas W. (2012) ADHD and Cognitive Functioning: Multi-Mediation by Personality and Behavioral Variability. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Furrow, Amy (2012) Chronic Adolescent Exposure to Cannabinoids and Environmental Factors Interact to Change Vulnerability for Later Development of Psychopathology. Masters thesis, Radford University.


George, Daniel and Lee, Nicholas A. and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Biermeier-Hanson, Benjamin (2021) Therapy Tech: A Thematic Analysis of the Confluence of Technology and Psychotherapy in a Reddit.com Psychotherapist Community. [Dissertation]

Goldstein, Alissa L. (2017) The Impact of Mindfulness and Values on Caregivers. [Dissertation]

Griffith, Laura (2022) Emotional Interpretation of Music in Patients with Schizophrenia: A Literature Review. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Grossheim, Tyler (2019) Can Cognitive Load Buffer Against the Negative Effects of Social Exclusion? Masters thesis, Radford University.

Grossman, Hayley (2021) Pluralistic Ignorance within Attitudes toward Transgender Individuals. Masters thesis, Radford University.


Hagen, Mykaela (2021) The Effect of Diversity Courses on Women’s Identity Salience and Sense of Belonging. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Hailey, Scherer and Iannone, Nicole (2022) Investigating Bias Toward People with Parasocial Relationships. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Halsted, Candis (2020) Graduate Students’ Empathy and Attitudes: An Intervention Study. [Dissertation]

Hank, Crystal A. and Cohn, Tracy and Hastings, Sarah L. and Christensen, Niels (2017) Self-Compassion: A Proposed Moderator of the Relationship Between Bullying Victimization and Risk -Taking Behaviors. [Dissertation]

Hardin, Hannah (2016) Are We Trading One Bias for Another?: Consideration of Computer and Human Evaluation of Resumes. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Hartless, Christopher B. (2015) The Effects of Dual Ethanol and Nicotine Exposure on Hippocampal Neurogenesis. Masters thesis, Radford University.


Heidel, Sarah and Hastings, Sarah L. and Cohn, Tracy and Pierce, Thomas W. (2017) Predicting workplace incivility: The role of stereotyped beliefs and personal characteristics. [Dissertation]

Herren, Alexandra and Leake, Valerie and Werth Jr., James L. and Bucy, Jayne (2013) Veterans on Campus: Uncovering the Experiences of Student Veterans at a Midsized Liberal Arts University. [Dissertation] (Unpublished)

Hicks, Hilary J. and Jackson, Pamela and Willner, Jeffrey and Whiting, Mark (2013) Post-Injury Administration of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles: A Dose-Response Study. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Hoover-Thompson, Alysia A (2013) Women who self-objectify and objectify other women: The role of self-compassion. [Dissertation] (Unpublished)


Joyner, Jordan R. and Leake, Valerie and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Caughron, Jay (2019) EXTRAVERSION AND RESILIENCE AS PROTECTIVE FACTORS FOR PTSD SYMPTOM SEVERITY IN THE MILITARY. [Dissertation]


Kaseoru, Anthony (2019) Comparative use of Yoga and Guided Muscle Relaxation to Prepare for a Structured Music & Imagery Experience. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Kerper, Sarah (2012) Identifying Predictors of Faculty Prosocial Behavior: The Influence of Empathy, Perceived Similarity, Causal Attribution, and Self-Efficacy. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Kerpez, Kate and Petersen, Nicole (2017) Take Better Breaks: Relationships between Microbreaks and Fatigue. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Korthase, Katharine and Reilly, Nora and Biermeier-Hanson, Benjamin and Steele, Jenessa (2018) The Relationship between Employee Use of Communication Technology and Work-Related Stress: Does Age Matter? Masters thesis, Radford University.


Latham, Alex J. and Leake, Valerie and Aspelmeier, Jeffery and Riding-Malon, Ruth (2020) Assessing Attitudes of Providers toward Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals. [Dissertation]

LeBarre, Savannah (2017) Posttraumatic growth: Examining three types of support in rural and non-rural breast cancer survivors. [Dissertation]

Lessard, Amanda (2015) THE ROLE OF SELF-REGULATION IN ADULT ATTACHMENT RELATED PROCESSES. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Lingg, Ryan (2015) Alterations in Spatial Learning and Memory Following the Co-Abuse of Alcohol and Nicotine: An Adult Model. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Love, Michael M. (2015) Trends in Injection Use by Rural Opioid-Abusing Youth. [Dissertation]

Ludwig, Emily A. and Cohn, Tracy and Lee, Nicholas A. and Biermeier-Hanson, Benjamin (2018) Contact, knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions toward anti-stigma Facebook materials: A path model. [Dissertation]


McKinley, Celie (2020) Examining Differential Predictors of Benevolent and Hostile Ageism in Young Adults. Masters thesis, Radford University.

McLafferty, Shane (2022) Maternal and Sibling Isolation During Infancy on Development in Rats. [Honors College Capstone Project]

McMillan, Enrica (2017) Development and Validation of a Law Enforcement Motivation Measure. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Medley, Gabriel D. and Hayes, Dayna and Jackson, Pamela and Pierce, Thomas W. (2020) The Analysis of Behavioral and Neurobiological Markers Following Adolescent Cannabinoid Exposure. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Mogan, Sarah M (2013) The effects of manager's race and gender on participants' perceptions of bullying behavior. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Mullins, Jaclyn and Hastings, Sarah L. and Cohn, Tracy and Pierce, Thomas W. (2015) Posttraumatic Growth in Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors: The Role of Giving and Receiving Social Support. [Dissertation]


Neal, Talia (2022) A Meta-Analysis of Cardiovascular Reactivity to Stress in Persons With and Without High Blood Pressure. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Nicely, Zetta K and Leake, Valerie and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Aspelmeier, Jeffery (2012) Appalachian Girls’ College Preparedness: An Intervention Programs Comparison. [Dissertation] (Unpublished)


Ostrander, Matthew Ian and Jackson, Pamela and Hayes, Dayna and Pierce, Thomas W. (2015) Sex differences in activity, anxiety, and spatial memory following adolescent cannabinoid exposure in Long Evans rats. Masters thesis, Radford University.


Phoebe, Dubois, and Jeff, Aspelmeier (2022) Pluralistic Ignorance within Attitudes Toward Atheists. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Pohto, Paul (2020) Gratefulness and Subjective Well-Being: Mindfulness as a Mediator. [Dissertation]

Presley, Madison (2022) How Curious are You: Effects of Curiosity on Learning. [Honors College Capstone Project]

Pullen, Carly E (2021) The Impact of Television Media on the Endorsement of Aging Stereotypes. Masters thesis, Radford University.


Reardon, Michaela S. (2017) Effects of Environmental-Based Tasks on Engagement, Affect, and Activity Progression in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Renz, Jonathan (2013) Adult Attachment Styles and Self-Regulatory Resources: A Dynamic Interplay. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Rigdon, Ashley L. (2016) Adolescent Cannabinoid Exposure and Novelty Seeking: Effects on Memory in Adult Female Long-Evans Rats. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Rimmer, Sarah and Cohn, Tracy and Hastings, Sarah L. and Steele, Jenessa (2017) Gender Minority Stress and Suicide in Transgender and Gender Nonconforming College Students: Social Support as a Moderator. [Dissertation]

Ristow, Teresa and Caughron, Jay (2018) Maximizing Leader Performance in the Context of Workplace Stress: Modeling the Influence of Expertise and Problem Solving. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Rosa, Alana and Jackson, Pamela and Tsai, Pei-Chun and Pierce, Thomas W. (2022) Testing the Wellbeing Effects of an Expedited Version of the ENHANCE Program. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Scates, Diana and Dickinson, Joan I. and Sullivan, Kathleen and Cline, Holly (2018) Virtual Reality for Cancer Patients: A Design Thinking Approach for a Sensory Experience to Reduce Stress and Pain. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Schulte, Philip and Lee, Nicholas A. and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Aspelmeier, Jeffery (2021) Climate change and social justice in counseling psychology: a qualitative analysis. [Dissertation]

Seedlock, Lauren (2022) The Effects of Maternal Separation on Oxytocin Expression. [Honors College Capstone Project]

Shumaker, Morgan (2021) How and When Judgments of Learning Facilitate Inductive Learning. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Smith, Adam E. (2015) Building Bridges: Qualitative Investigation into Bridging the Gap between Religion and Psychology to Improve Rural Mental Health. [Dissertation]

Stroup, Jennifer Elizabeth and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Werth Jr., James L. and Aspelmeier, Jeffery (2014) Rural Mental Health Clinician Self-Care: A Qualitative Study. [Dissertation]


Tarber, Dominique Boone (2014) Male Survivors of Childhood Maltreatment: Examining the Relationship between Self-Compassion and Psychological Well-Being. [Dissertation]

Taylor, Lesli, A. (2019) Learning from tests: Testing as a study tool. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Taylor, Ryan (2022) Curious About What You Know? Curiosity and Prior Knowledge’s Effects on Learning. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Tuma, Betsy A. and Dickinson, Joan I. and Cline, Holly and Sullivan, Kathleen (2019) Examining the Intersection of Humor and Creativity. Masters thesis, Radford University.

Turk, Rachel K. and Lee, Nicholas A. and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Caughron, Jared (2019) Does Perceived Social Support Moderate the Relationship Between Cumulative Trauma and Psychological Distress? [Dissertation]


Vandevender, Anna and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Pierce, Thomas W. and Lee, Nicholas A. (2018) Clergy Knowledge of Trauma and Intervention with Rural Help-seekers. [Dissertation]



Whiting, Erica L. and Leake, Valerie and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Pierce, Thomas W. (2014) LIFE ON THE HOMEFRONT: ADAPTING THE FAMILY BELONGING SCALE-REVISED FOR USE WITH MILITARY FAMILIES. [Dissertation] (Unpublished)

Wolfe, Elaina M. (2013) Evaluation of a Reminiscence Activity for Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Masters thesis, Radford University.


Zuidhoek, Ivan A. and Hall, Donald and Christensen, Niels and Steele, Jenessa (2015) Fluctuating asymmetry and schizotypy: a timeline of developmental disruptions. Masters thesis, Radford University.

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