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Learning from tests: Testing as a study tool

Taylor, Lesli, A. Learning from tests: Testing as a study tool. 2019. Radford University, Thesis. Radford University Scholars' Repository.

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The present study investigated the role of test taking as a study tool, particularly, if test taking a means of making people more effective in their studying. It was also investigated whether or not receiving feedback on interpolated tests encouraged participants to study more effectively. It was predicted that participants who take interpolated tests would study items of higher value longer than those of lower value, have higher final value scores, and would recall more items on a final test than any other participants, all of which are indicative of more strategic studying. After studying a list of words paired with values ranging from 1-10, some participants took interpolated free recall tests and either received feedback or not, while others completed a distractor task, and the remaining participants took only one test. All participants studied a final list and took a final test which is the test of interest. Taking tests with feedback prompted participants to study items of higher value longer. In addition, participants who took tests without feedback had higher value scores and were more selective in their studies. Overall, the results of this study indicate that taking tests is superior to not taking tests and that feedback may increase the effectiveness of testing as a study tool.Keywords: testing, studying, interpolated tests, feedback

Item Type: Thesis
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