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Assadnia, Rebecca Role of Shame in Substance Use Treatment in Rural Appalachia-Final Draft. 2021. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Baker, Hanako Gendered Racial Microaggressions, Life Satisfaction, and Body Esteem Among East Asian American Women: The Roles of the Collective Self-Esteem, Body Shame, and Body Surveillance. 2022. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Glass, Jennifer L Rural Lesbians’ Perceptions of the Impact of Coming Out Within Their Families: A Qualitative Investigation. 2015. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Gray, Brittney A. C. and Pierce, Thomas W. and Barfield, Stirling M. and Tsai, Pei-Chun WHERE LITERACY AND STIGMA MEET: BARRIERS TO MENTAL HEALTH HELP-SEEKING FOR APPALACIAN WOMEN. 2023. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Harris, Kamille M and Tsai, Pei-Chun and Hastings, Sarah L. and Cohn, Tracy Gendered racial microaggressions and well-being among Blalck female graduate students: the roles of the advisory working alliance and social connectedness. 2022. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Lyall, Sarah E The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity in the Co-Morbid Experiencing of Chronic Pain and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. 2015. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Nicely, Zetta K and Leake, Valerie and Riding-Malon, Ruth and Aspelmeier, Jeffery Appalachian Girls’ College Preparedness: An Intervention Programs Comparison. 2012. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Simonson, K.R. Atheism in the United States: Investigating How Atheists Make Meaning of Stereotypes and Discrimination. 2011. Radford University, Dissertation. Radford University Scholars' Repository,

Doctoral Capstone Project

Acholonu, Akuyoma and Johnson, Sarah Examining Weight Loss Support Messaging Among Black Women: A Content Analysis of Social Media Interactions. 2021. Radford University,

Bennefield, Monica E The Efficacy of Telehealth in Diminishing Stigmatization for Veterans Experiencing Mental Illness. 2023. Radford University,

Rinehardt, Gregory S The Perceived Usefulness of Telehealth in Outpatient Practice by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists in Southwest Virginia. 2022. Radford University,


Baker, Alysse C. Politics in Appalachia: Contributions of Appalachian Women Post 2020 Presidential Election. 2021. Radford University,

Berry, Philip Policing in Socially Disorganized Communities: The Implementation of Community Policing, Crime Analysis, and Policing Technologies. 2019. Radford University,

Cooke, Timothy B. and Dickinson, Joan I. and Parsons, Bruce and Sullivan, Kathleen and Cline, Holly Using Design-Thinking to address escalating commitment risks in decision-making. 2022. Radford University,

Dai, Tiange Pluralistic Ignorance within Academic Self-Efficacy and Its Relationship with Academic Performance. 2023. Radford University,

Dillard, Krystina Understanding Metaregulatory Success: Associations with Habit and Vigilant Monitoring. 2012. Radford University,

Diven, Chandlier and Hendrix, Nicole and Hunt, Luke and Smith, Kyshawn USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO CONNECT WITH THE PUBLIC: AN EXPLORATORY CASE STUDY OF A POLICE DEPARTMENT USE OF FACEBOOK. 2018. Radford University,

Friedman, Andrew The Effects of Stratified Policing on Key Organizational Change Components. 2020. Radford University,

Hardin, Hannah Are We Trading One Bias for Another?: Consideration of Computer and Human Evaluation of Resumes. 2016. Radford University,

Higgs, Cory Beyond Pill-Billies: TikTok’s visual framing responsibility of the Appalachian opioid crisis. 2022. Radford University,

Houser, Tyler E. Theoretical Applications of Social Bond, Social Learning, and General Strain Theory on Terrorism Outcomes. 2021. Radford University,

Hunold, Patricia Exploring Cultural Differences in Approaches to Visual Communication Design. 2012. Radford University,

Kerr, Donald Kent Bellevue Believes: Design Thinking as a Catalyst for Community Development in Bellevue, Pennsylvania. 2020. Radford University,

Kingsbury, Lauren Elizabeth and Owen, Stephen and Hochstein, Lucy and Santos, Rachel Social Disorganization and Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Cities and Towns. 2019. Radford University,

Logan, Michael Culture of Honor and Defensive Violence in the American South. 2015. Radford University,

Long, Jessica E. The #Exvangelical Reformation: American Evangelical #deconstruction. 2023. Radford University,

Madison, Mackenzie and Owen, Stephen and Pate, Margaret and Bolin, Riane Victims Seeking Services: Patterns of Service Seeking. 2021. Radford University,

Marsh, Christopher J. Considering a Reboot:Using Design-Thinking Strategies to Maintain a Dynamic, Industry-Relevant, Game Design Curriculum. 2022. Radford University,

McKaughan, Jodie Grace and Zoch, Lynn M. and Bowers, Kevin W. and Smith, Matthew J. Video Game Values: A qualitative study of organizational values in the video game industry. 2017. Radford University,

Murdock, Holly Art Therapy and Syrian Refugee Children: Using a Design Thinking Framework to Develop Empathy. 2016. Radford University,

Pennix, Stephan Sex Offender Treatment: Engagement and Satisfaction. 2017. Radford University,

Price, Robin Nowhere to Turn? Know WHERE to turn: Why suicidal college students do not seek help. A design thinking exploration. 2017. Radford University,

Rehberg, Kathryn R. The Good, Bad, and Indifferent: Do Habits Have Trait-Like Qualities? 2015. Radford University,


Scates, Diana and Dickinson, Joan I. and Sullivan, Kathleen and Cline, Holly Virtual Reality for Cancer Patients: A Design Thinking Approach for a Sensory Experience to Reduce Stress and Pain. 2018. Radford University,

Singh, Anamika Examining the impact of race and age on sentencing outcomes in cases of sexual assault and rape in Virginia. 2018. Radford University,

Sinnott, Adam David and Smith, 'Shawn and Van Patten, Isaac and Santos, Rachel An Integrated Theoretical Model Explanation for Residential Burglary through Ordinary Least Squares Multivariate Regression in Dallas, Texas. 2020. Radford University,

Smith, Breyuana Appalachian Business Decline and Closure: An Examination of Corporate Communication Practices in the New River Valley. 2018. Radford University,

Spencer, Matthew Dylan and Green, Egan and Bolin, Riane and Van Patten, Isaac Exploring the Relationship Between Fishing Regulations and Angler Compliance in Virginia. 2018. Radford University,

Taylor, Samuel A Qualitative Analysis of the Communication Strategies of University Based Christian Ministries in the United States and England. 2020. Radford University,

Tuma, Betsy A. and Dickinson, Joan I. and Cline, Holly and Sullivan, Kathleen Examining the Intersection of Humor and Creativity. 2019. Radford University,

Waidelich, Dan The use of inoculation techniques in intelligent design communication strategies. 2015. Radford University,

Weyant, Christina M. Organizational Legitimacy, Non-Profit Organizations and the Role of Values. 2014. Radford University,

Wilson, Alisha Ann Emotional Homicide: A Content Analysis of Sexual Victimization in Nonfiction Books. 2015. Radford University,


Zorrilla, Michele G. Public Relations Challenges: Opinion Leaders and Video Games. 2013. Radford University,

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